Shot by Shot

Mesmerising rice paddies at Jiabang

A couple of hundred kilometres north of China's border with Vietnam is an undulating ocean of karst mountains. Guizhou was once considered China's poorest province but now it's one of the fastest growing. Every time I go to China, I'm gobsmacked by the speed at which practical things get done. China decides that poverty needs alleviating, so it builds roads, promotes tourism and after a few years jobs and living conditions skyrocket.

'Bailidujuan' - the Hundred Miles of Azaleas Karst landscapes at Anlong Outdoor Activity Park Moutai Town - home to China's famous distilled alcohol

These photos are from a recent recce, and in June, I'll be here filiming for a month on a new series with Beach House Pictures and Discovery Asia. We'll be capturing a colourful variety of cultural stories from all corners of the province, at this moment of collision between nature and technology.

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