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Courtesy of Culture Factory | Creative Director: Hanelle Harris | Photography: Apela Bell

I constantly marvel at how lucky I am to be able to be a part of bringing hilarious, relevant, groundbreaking content to our screens. Thank you to the wonderfully talented Hanelle Harris and the entire diverse team behind SIS for bringing me into the whānau/aiga. I'm so proud to present the trailer for this stunning new comedy special, hitting Comedy Central (Australia and New Zealand) on July 22nd followed by Prime TV.

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A camel rests among the sand dunes of Shanshan County, Xinjiang

I hope everyone stays safe and healthy in the COVID-19 pandemic.

I found myself going down memory lane today, wondering if the documentary series I worked on for NHNZ several years ago had been aired. Turns out it's already available to watch for free online!

We hear so much negative news about China and tend to forget how monumentally huge and diverse the nation is. Going from one province to the other is like crossing borders in Europe - different languages, traditions and landscapes. Our crew was given the rare opportunity to film fascinating stories from the extremeties of this country, normally hidden from view. Please check it out! 

Watch all three episodes now on the New Zealand Geographic website:

  China's Secret Lands: Tibet
  China's Secret Lands: Xinjiang
  China's Secret Lands: Yunnan

Enjoy these visuals beautifully shot by legendary Kiwi producer Mike Single. Many thanks to NHNZ for the opportunity all those years ago. This remains one of the best experiences of my career with the best doco team I've ever worked with.


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