Shot by Shot

It's been a wild year. Yet Aotearoa, New Zealand enjoyed safety and freedom not seen anywhere else in the world. I'm extremely grateful to be living in one of the few countries with Covid-19 under control and for the opportunity to keep my way of life going.

Cinemas have taken a big hit with many big releases delayed because of the pandemic. During our lockdown, Stallone and Abba-Rose called me and pitched their idea of making a film in one month from writing, pre-pro, shooting, music composing all the way through to editing a picture lock.

One by one, they gathered the same core team behind Three Wise Cousins, Hibiscus and Ruthless and Take Home Pay and made the Feature 30 Challenge a reality.

I'm proud to present the trailer of Mama's Music Box - a new film that will be in Kiwi cinemas by December 10th 2020.

Please like and share Mama's Music Box Facebook and Instagram and be sure to take your whole family to the movies because we all need some love at the end of a hard year.

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