Shot by Shot

The ancient spirits of the Pacific are stirring. | Courtesy of Tikilounge Productions

Tune in to Prime tomorrow night and catch this brand new, chilling, Pacific TV series!

Watch the teaser here.

Teine Sā is a contemporary horror television series, with five episodes based on supernatural legends from across the Pacific Islands. Teine Sā are the ancient spirit women, many of whom are malevolent, and others who bestow blessings.

After centuries of slumber, the Teine Sā have been evoked once again.

Set in the modern day Pacific, ordinary women have encounters with ancient goddesses who help them in their struggles and leave lessons in their wake. 

From the notorious goddess Telesa to the Hiama of the Solomon Islands, these tales of the unexpected take age-old stories on many twists and turns.

These five tales of the supernatural put a chilling contemporary spin on these legendary aitu of the Pacific whose powers are needed in the modern world.

It was a joy to see the kaleidoscope of visions from the five writer/director teams, to cut together the silken images shot by DOP Andrew McGeorge and to be given free rein to mould rhythm and soundscape as the series editor.

Premieres on Prime TV, 9:30pm tomorrow (Thursday May 13th) and on The Coconet (Friday May 14th at 8pm).

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