Shot by Shot

Take Home Pay is the third independent feature film that I've worked on with brother-sister team S.Q.S and Abba-Rose (M2S1 Films/Cadness Street). It's easy to forget how miraculous it is that a film which is 100% self-funded (no crowdfunding, no government grants, just the producers' own hard-earned cash, blood, sweat and tears) is set to be released on the big silver screen. It doesn't hold back either - this is a genre film that punches well above its weight, complete with action set pieces and high speed chases!

I'm extremely proud to present the official trailer for Take Home Pay, releasing first in New Zealand cinemas on September 5th 2019. Other countries to follow.

So, what do you think?


Aspiring Private Investigator Bob Titilo (Tofiga Fepulea'i) helps Alama (Vito Vito) to find his brother Popo (Longi Taulafo) - who has run away with Alama's money. Bob's unconventional methods take the pair on a wild goose chase, leaving the chances of recovering the money less and less likely.

It's an absolute pleasure to be working again with the A-team on this trailer: master musician Andrew Faleatua, graphic designer Opeta Elika and sound guru Dick Reade/Reade Audio. Edit, motion graphics and grade by me in my little Unko Films studio.